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Cost-effectiveness and musculoskeletal chest pain

Researchers recently published results from a study analyzing costs associated with musculoskeletal chest pain.(1) In this study, authors studied participants in Denmark who were candidates for chiropractic care and also reported a primary complaint of acute chest pain. Patients with a cardiac, pulmonary, or other internal diagnosis for chest pain, and those with other comorbidities such as dementia, pregnancy, or inflammatory joint disease were not studied.

One-hundred fifteen participants were enrolled over a 1.5 year period and then assigned to 2 groups: 1) self-management; and 2) chiropractic care. In addition to a cost-analysis, the authors analyzed results from quality of life surveys.

Quality of life did not substantially differ between either group, nor did medication use. However, a cost-analysis showed reduced overall healthcare costs for participants receiving chiropractic care due to lower hospital admissions.

Based on study results, the authors suggest that primary care providers and doctors of chiropractic in collaboration have a greater capacity to help patients with musculoskeletal chest pain likely because of the synergism created by combining their unique skills capable of addressing both the psychosocial and biomechanical aspects of these conditions.

Reference List

(1) Stochkendahl MJ, Sorensen J, Vach W, Christensen HW, Hoilund-Carlsen PF, Hartvigsen J. Cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care versus self-management in patients with musculoskeletal chest pain. Open Heart 2016 May 1;3(1).

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