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Reporting Guidelines

A great deal of effort has been expended in developing reporting guidelines for different kinds of scientific papers. The idea is to provide a researcher and/or reader with a checklist of items that will help ensure the rigor of the paper they are writing or reading. Below is a list of some of these guidelines.

  • Randomized trials: CONSORT
  • Observational Studies: STROBE
  • Systematic Reviews: PRISMA
  • Case Reports: CARE
  • Qualitative Research: SRQR
  • Diagnostic or Prognostic Studies: STARD
  • Quality Improvement Studies: SQUIRE
  • Economic Evaluations: CHEERS
  • Animal Pre-Clinical Studies: ARRIVE
  • Study Protocols: SPIRIT

Links to all of these, including references to them, can be found at the Equator Network website, http://equator-network.org.

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