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Doctor – Patient Relationships

In case you were in doubt, there is yet more evidence to support the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. Recently, over 4000 surgical patients from 14 countries were asked to respond to questions relating to their pain management. Results show that patient satisfaction with postoperative pain treatment was related to the pain experience, being involved in treatment decisions, and the relationship(s) with the caregiver(s).(1) This study was conducted in hospital settings with surgical patients and it is unclear how much the results can be applied to other patients such as those receiving chiropractic care. However, it is likely that being involved in treatment decisions and having a good relationship with a caregiver are very important in most (if not all) settings. This research underscores the importance of taking the time to explain treatment options and supporting patient’s involvement in their healthcare decisions.

(1) Schwenkglenks M, Gerbershagen HJ, Taylor RS, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Komann M, Rothaug J, et al. Correlates of satisfaction with pain treatment in the acute postoperative period: Results from the international PAIN OUT registry. Pain 2014 Apr 28.

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