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Greetings and Salutations!

No doubt by now you have heard your friends, colleagues and various others talk about the evidence-based practice movement. You have heard them tell you it is not all about scientific research, that it incorporates clinical expertise as well as patient values, but it may not be immediately clear to you what that really means. Let us ask you a question: when you are confronted with a patient where, for once, you are not sure about how you should proceed, what do you do? You have some options; you can call a colleague, you can google the web, or you can use a more sophisticated search engine such as pubmed to locate a piece of evidence that might be of help. Our goal in this blog is to provide you, the reader and practitioner, with answers to your clinical questions, using that same strategy to find possible answers. To use the vernacular, you ask, we tell. We’ll select the best questions you send in, and we will post answers to you that are based on good science, strong evidence and exceptional clinical expertise. We hope you will use this blog and we look forward to receiving your questions.

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