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What do patients perceive as most important?

For a practicing provider, making management decisions is inherently an individual activity, influenced by factors unique to each patient. Research designed to inform decision-making often describes analysis of data obtained from groups. Thus, applying knowledge from research conclusions to individual cases can sometimes be challenging because groups don’t necessarily represent individuals. However, though challenging...
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Placebo as an ally

Bialosky and Colleagues have conducted and published results from several studies focused on understanding the mechanisms of spinal manipulation and other manual therapies.(1-5) In a recent article, these authors discuss a pertinent issue: the “placebo mechanisms of manual therapy.”(6) The authors suggest that known...
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How is the intervertebral disc affected by some treatments?

Several treatments used by doctors of chiropractic and other health professionals are thought to generate beneficial physiological effects on intervertebral discs. Traction (or decompression) high-velocity low-amplitude (or thrust) spinal manipulation, and various forms of mobilization (or non-thrust manipulation) have been described as treatments that...
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What does management theory have to do with being a good doctor?

A recent article authored by Sadati and colleagues entitled “From good to great physician: a critical ethnography based on patients’ views” describes patient perceptions of what great physicians are.1...
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Nutcracker syndrome

Nutcracker syndrome is a condition characterized by compression of the left renal vein where it courses between the aorta and superior mesenteric artery. Anatomical variations in vascular structures and...
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Red Flag Challenges

Clinical guidelines for spine care routinely recommend screening for red flags because they potentially indicate serious conditions often requiring prompt and specific management. Verhagen and colleagues reviewed 16 clinical...
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